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Exclusive: I Never Considered Acting – Bisola

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Bisola Aiyeola  revealed, she never believed she will feed from acting.


Bisola who has made name for herself as an all round entertainer revealed this during HipTv’s Streethop with Vicky. She made it clear that, “ My first love was music, it was in the pursuit of fame through music that I found out that oh Bisola can act, so Instagram just came as a good platform to showoff everything I can do.´

Bisola further revealed who she realized she was going to be an entertainer from a very tender age,

“ Funny enough, when I was 13, I switched school and the principal asked me what do I want to become in life, I said entertainer and my mum knocked my head.

 I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer at that tender age I never completed National Open University it was hard paying fees and all of that, I basically have to survive, the first thing a human being should put at the forefront is survival. I just used my God’s given talent to put food in my stomach I started going to auditions, then project fame, life wasn’t just as easy. I had to go back to drawing board and then Big Brother came.”

“I didn’t understand the business in entertainment on time, I thought after Project Fame some record label should just sign me up, of course I can sing and they know I was kind of waiting and that was a big mistake on my part.  Because it’s a reality show a platform to show what you can do so you’ve got to show them that what you just displayed in there you can sustain it that was why I had to go back to the drawing board.”

“That was when I found out that it was acting that was actually paying my bills not the music, there was no sponsor, not signed to any record label it was just difficult and it was due to my being on project fame that fetched me my first acting gig. One of the DOPs was lik, Bisola you did well on the show why not try acting, it was not the main thing I wanted to do. I never considered acting it was music that I was hammering on. That too wasn’t as easy.