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Exclusive: I'm The Only One Missing On That 'Lion King' Album - Omawumi

Veteran Nigerian singer, Omawumi Magbele during a chat with Hiphop World spoke about the new Beyonce's Lion King album that has an array of African stars on it, a body of work tagged as 'A Love Letter To Africa'. Omawumi insisted that, she's the only one that is missing on the album and gave kudos to all the African stars that featured on it. Read excerpts below.

Talking about your latest project,”In Her Feelings’ you just came back from a African radio tour,  tell us a little more about the tour and your experience so far.

It was a wonderful experience,I learnt a lot and I got to meet old friends got to mix again and it was humbling to get to know that there are people who still love my music and all and yes, I’m not done yet still have a couple of countries I want to visit.

What do you think about Beyonce`s new album, Lion King?

The only person missing in that album is me,even Beyonce knows. Well, I think its a wonderful venture, its just further to confirm that the music industry is a global village without walls, no barriers I mean look at the various African artistes that featured on it.

I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate all the African artist on the album you guys did a fantastic job.

Speaking on that album, Some African artistes complained that they weren`t featured on the album and all sort, what do you think about it?

I think most of the issue that we had is that Lion King is predominantly centered among the Swahili people, like those names you hear, Afiki Humba those are for the Swahili people and they were a bit uncomfortable that there were no Swahili musicians featured in the body of work and their reservations and concerns are quite valid because of the fact that its a Swahili kind of thing.


Now lets talk about your Industry Nite which is coming up soon 

Yeah, its going to be amazing and this is like the third industry night I have done and I know for the fact that its going to be fun because you will get opportunity to listen to new songs from my new project and it will be a good idea for you to cop the LP before you come to the show.

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