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Twitter Users Drag Desmond Eliot After Calling For A Ban On Foreign Movies

Nigerian twitter community are generally known for having no chills when it comes to dragging people most especially celebrities.

Their latest catch is Desmond Elliot they blasted for calling for a ban on foreign content in the Nigerian media space.

The 45-year-old actor turn politician revealed this during a chat with HipTV, in which he urged the federal government to make foreign films/shows difficult to be accessed in the country as a way to uplift local content.

This struck a nerve, which is why folks are ripping him to shreds on Twitter. See his interview below:

And the reactions:

Igala High Chief@I_Am_Ilemona

Yesterday I saw an interview where Desmond Elliot said govt has to ban the importation of foreign movies/entertainment so that Nollywood can grow.

He actually said “Govt should do like it did with rice”.

Is it crack? Really is it?

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Sokay Ossom@ossomsokay

Desmond Elliot should go and ban foriegn movie in his house. Ban foreign cameras they use in shooting their local movies too

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Raphael Christopher@Raphael2kriss

Desmond Elliot was using a foreign accent to advocate the banning of foreign content lol. No be the foreign content teach you the accent you dey use😂

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Gbemi Dennis™@GbemiDennis

Hon Desmond Elliot would have made more sense advocating for strengthening copyright laws rather than proposing a ban on foreign movies.

But what do I know when I no be Nigerian ‘honourable’.

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“Government has to ban the importation of foreign movies so that Nollywood can grow. Make it difficult for foreign content to come in, so your local content can grow” – Desmond Elliot.

God who did we offend? 🤦‍♂️

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Buzi Brown@buzibrownie

This is the Desmond Elliot we thought we will get vs the Desmond Elliot we got

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